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As I translate the Book of Mormon into Hebrew, I reuse the translated phrases as they reoccur. The following summarizes the Book of Mormon via a composite of reocurring phrases. The number of occurrences in noted in parentheses………

The Book of Mormon gives Christ’s invitation to “come unto me” (37) and to “keep the commandments” (39).

We can thus take our place in the “House of Israel” (122) by making “covenants.” (154)

He will then deliver us from “bondage” (33) and loosen the “bands of death” (12) through the “plan of redemption” (17).

And Christ proclaims “lift up your heads” (5), and reminds us “I would that ye should remember” (15) these blessings and commands.

We can then “break forth into joy” that “the Lord hath comforted his people” (4).

And “How beautiful upon the mountains” (5) will be our feet if we proclaim His gospel.

“As the Lord liveth,” (17) these scriptures are true. He is the “God of Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob.” (8).

– Tom Irvine

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