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My Walk Thru Heaven is an inspiring true story of a near death experience. It is a story of a single mother’s valiant fight against cancer. Losing the battle she finds herself taking an incredible journey through the portals of death and beyond. She experiences Heaven and what it looks and feels like. She meets loved ones and the Savior. She sees her pre-earth life and also how angels assist men in mortality. She visits third world countries and sees how humanitarian efforts relieve orphaned children. Her mission not yet complete, she is commissioned to return from Heaven and share the messages she was given

* * *

Review by Tom Irvine

This book rates five out of five stars given Kim’s courage in enduring cancer and other severe trials, as well as her willingness to share her story.

Some of the book’s themes should be familiar to most Christians. For example, mortals are accompanied at times by angels and demons who seek to influence that person’s thoughts and actions.

Other themes are challenging. How could God choose an unrepentant wife-beater and his concubine as his trusted servants?

The book’s message of forgiveness follows a curious pattern:

1. If someone has wronged you, you must forgive that person.
2. You may approach the wrongdoer in order to express your feelings and to reconcile.
3. If so, then one of two things might happen:
a. You may be able to reach a peaceful settlement.
b. The other person may physically beat you to the point that you must be carried away in an ambulance.
4. In the event of case b, you may move away from that person and even get a restraining order.
5. But above all, you must forgive the wrongdoer.

Another theme is perplexing. God does not seem to judge between the perpetrator and the victim, because:

1. Both have lessons to learn.
2. In particular, the victim must learn to forgive.
3. Christ’s infinite atonement covers both parties, and he has already borne the victim’s pain.

The theological implications of these themes are staggering.

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